Business Vehicle Options

When your business requires a new commercial vehicle there are numerous options to consider such as what vehicle and how to finance it?

In this day and age there are several ways to run and own a commercial vehicle such as; outright purchase, contract hire, Rent to Buy or even spot rental.We have taken a look at each of our vehicle options and the benefits we offer. Read the information below to find out more.

Starting with the most traditional method, buying your vehicle outright.One of the main advantages of owning your vehicle is no additional outgoings – once you have paid for the vehicle the only additional costs will be for maintenance of the vehicle.When you own your vehicle you can do as many miles as you wish – no mileage caps!

However, many van/truck users choose to contract hire their vehicles rather than owning them. A contract hire agreement typically starts from around 12 months; completely depending on how long you anticipate using the vehicle for and what mileage the vehicle will cover.The benefits of contract hire allow your business to make budgeting easier as this agreement will be based on a fixed monthly cost. When it comes to maintaining the vehicle – this is where contract hire wins. In most cases our contract hire vehicles come with maintenance packages; tyres, breakdown recovery and a dedicated account manager. This makes it easier to manage your fleet as we take care of all the above and provide you with a replacement vehicle.

Along with the above there are also contract purchase schemes – similar to contract hire. However, you have the option to own the vehicle at the end of the term.Thomas’s have recently launched a new rent to buy scheme – which allows you to own the vehicle or simply return it once the fixed term has come to an end.

Finally, we have spot rental very popular for many businesses. Rental is particularly useful to businesses if a vehicle is only required as a temporary measure – for example: If a company has a large workload and needs to run an extra vehicle just for a week or so. Rental is also beneficial for businesses that require a vehicle for one day each week- maybe a delivery as such, this means they will not have to pay out for RFL, maintenance and any other costs.

Luckily enough Thomas’s Group can provide you with all of the above not only that you will also get our first class service too!

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