This week a local groundworks construction company took delivery of this brand new 19 plate, DAF LF260 18tonne dropside. This vehicle was fitted with a 8.2 metre body.

The DAF LF is the perfect distribution truck for both operators and drivers. With optimised powertrains that result in maximum fuel efficiency. A supremely comfortable interior and improved visibility for the driver offer an unmatched driving experience. It has a high load capacity and excellent manoeuvrability, the DAF LF has set new standards in distribution.

DAF offer a wide range of engines. This vehicle has a powerful six-cylinder 6.7-litre PACCAR PX-7. Thanks to new software and optimised heat and air management, maximum torque has been increased and kicks in at lower speeds.

The PACCAR PX engine complies with the latest emission requirements, It boasts the lowest emission values ever. What’s more, their compact design, with various components integrated into the engine block and the cylinder head, means the engines are remarkably quiet which adds to driver comfort.

The DAF LF takes advantage of the new faster rear axle ratios of up to 3.31:1, engine speeds are reduced by 150 to 200 rpm at cruising speed. Combined with the engine innovations, this driveline optimisation delivers fuel savings of up to 6%, while driver comfort is further improved by lower engine noise.​

DAF LF260 dropside

The DAF LF has a superb exterior design that gives it a strong and friendly look, making the vehicle a great advertisement for your business.

It offers an extremely comfortable driving experience. The front suspension is fully optimised to offer both the perfect balance between damping, lateral stability and stiffness. The front axles offer ample capacity to prevent overloading with diminishing loads. And its unsurpassed manoeuvrability is due to the fact that it has the smallest turning circle in this segment.

With a choice of different rear axles and final drive assemblies, You can optimise the DAF LF for every application. The axles have been developed with top performance, long service life and maximum driving comfort in mind. A differential lock is available as an option on almost all axle variants — for maximum traction and vehicle control, whatever the circumstances.

The LF has the largest load capacity in its class thanks to a wide range of chassis lengths and wheel bases. This results in the possibility of load lengths of over 9 metres giving the truck even greater load capacity. Longer wheel bases also mean the vehicle can provide fuel capacity of up to 1,240 litres making it unique in its class. This gives the vehicle a large operation range and enables the driver to stop for fuel where prices are at their lowest.

DAF LF260 dropside

The dashboard is both attractive and comprehensively equipped, offering maximum ease of use. All controls are within easy reach and arranged logically by function. And the extra-large capacity of the heating and ventilation system means the interior can quickly be brought to the ideal temperature. Perfect when drivers get in and out of the cab many times a day.

The beautiful and clear instrument panel has new fonts and a new styling for enhanced clarity. The Driver Information Panel provides more information to increase driver comfort and efficiency. To enhance driver performance even further, settings are grouped on the instrument panel more logically and the Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) includes even more tips for economical driving.

DAF LF260 dropside