DAF - LF250 4x2- 18T - Exclusive FORTEC offer!

Because we know you are on the road a lot Thomas's want to make sure you are getting the best deal! As you are within the Fortec Network we have this DAF LF 250 4x2 - 18 T - Curtain side vehicle available for contract hire.

We know each business has different needs when it comes to operating vehicles, so we let you choose your contract term mileage etc, then we will do the rest of the work and decide which package is most suited to your business!

Vehicle Details

  • Day cab
  • Roof Air deflector
  • Auto gearbox
  • Truck Phone

Vehicle Body

  • 28'6 (8690mm) curtainsider
  • 2550 mm floor to pelmet height - great for oversized pallets
  • Max width
  • Rear Doors
  • Lights inset
  • Rear bump stops

Curtains can be provided in the colour of your network ​


Euro 6 vehicles have an immensely lower fuel consumption and use less ad blue than the previous Euro 5 model ! It has been calculated that if you were to return 1 mpg on this vehicle than the previous Euro 5 at 100000 klm per annum, this is a huge saving of £4220.00 per year **. Over 5 years that's saving you over £21,000.00 in fuel and ad blue.

Why choose Thomas's

We have been in this business for over 40 years, our main success is the service we provide to our customers. With our contract hire packages not only do you receive a vehicle you receive off of our customer benefits. This goes from arranging your MOT & service, having an assigned point of contact for any questions or queries, right through to taking care of all administration and providing you with a replacement vehicle when needed!

Here at Thomas's we understand how important it is to keep you on the road which is why our contract hire packages are great for businesses like Fortec!

Interested ?

Does this vehicle appeal to you ? Please get in touch with us, for you customised quote!

You can contact us via our website or call our sales team on 0121 796 1648


* The images above are shown for illustration purposes only and the model shown may not be the model on offer and could also be a different configuration or size