Britain's white van men on Brexit

On 23 June 2016, the UK was faced with a referendum: to remain or leave the European Union. Over 30 million people took part in the vote. As a result the decision to exit won with 51.9% of the votes.

With the decision to leave many officials predicted an economic crunch ahead. A day after Brexit was announced the GBP plummeted however; the GBP has now gained back losses against the US Dollar. As it stands the GBP is still down against the Euro around 15% .

Now this has certainly sparked a topic for discussion amongst Britains businesses. Data from Mercedes Benz, has given us an insight of what Britains van drivers, owners and operators think of Brexit.

As a whole van drivers believe that Brexit will improve the prospects of their business rather than cause damage.

In Nov 2017 a survey was carried out; 32% felt that Brexit would improve business and 19% felt that Brexit would be damaging to their business. Fast forward to January 2018 the exact same topic – but yet a different result; 28% decided Brexit would be a positive factor for business growth and 20% decided against Brexit being beneficial to their business. That’s a 4% decrease which shows that people are feeling less confident in Brexit.

On the 29th of March 2019 (around a year from now) Britain will officially leave the European Union, what are your thoughts? How will Brexit impact your business?